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Bean to Cup Coffee Machines for Cyprus Businesses and Offices

EspressMe is the official imported and service provider for Kalerm Pro Coffee Machines. Kalerm Coffee Machines (Cyprus) are awarded with the Red Dot Award. These are not your usual Espresso Coffee Machines.

The machines apply the same pressure (9 bars, 9 times the atmospheric pressure at sea level) to extract the espresso as the professional coffee machines you will find at coffee shops.

However, the machine can apply pressure up to 15 bars, this means that the machine can make smooth Espresso even at the finer grinder settings.

Furthermore, the Kalerm Coffee Machines (Cyprus) are equipped with a double boiler for making host beverages, having the beverage being boiled in two steps.

If you need a coffee machine for your business, there is no need to buy a coffee machine in Cyprus. EspressMe can provide you with a coffee machine in whatever location you are in Cyprus. Contact us at 24 252 052.

EspressMe has a dedicated engineering and delivery team and we exchange the coffee machines according to the consumption of your Cyprus Office. Espresso bean-to-cup Coffee Machines (Cyprus) work with high pressures and hot water. This leads to calcification. EspressMe replaces your Coffee Machine in Cyprus with a new serviced Coffee Machine reqularly so that you always have a clean and optimized Coffee Machine (Cyprus).

Stop waiting for your Coffee! Have the best coffee at work, right when you want it.

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