Coffee Machines for Office Cyprus & Espresso Beans
What we do

We provide you with a state of the art professional coffee machine FOR FREE to use in your Cyprus office. Rentals or leases are not necessary with EspressMe.

We provide exquisite coffee beans in fractional cost, by comparison to other types of coffee services.

You make your favorite coffee beverage with one touch. No mess, No hustle. EspressMe offers Coffee Solutions all over Cyprus.

Coffee Machines for Office Cyprus & Espresso Beans

Espresso Professional Automatic Coffee Machines for office or business. No rentals or leases. You just pay for the coffee consumed every month. No contracts!

Let us do the heavy lifting... you just enjoy great coffee at the Cyprus office

Our Coffee Blends - Cyprus



100% Arabica blend, medium roasted



100% Arabica blend, lighly roasted



90% Arabica, 10% Robusta Strong Blend

Bean to Cup Beverages

Coffee Machines Office Cyprus Espresso Beans Cappuccino Freddo

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A bit about us

We run a software house, we develop enterprise software applications such as CRM. Programmers consume a lot of coffee, and we started noticing that a lot of our guys started ordering coffee from cafes and also the company spent a lot of filter coffee, nescafe and capsules. So we were intrigued and started investigating if we can form a business model here, since our customers are many offices (law, ship-management, auditing, accounting, corporate services in general).After one year of painstaking coffee tasting from all over the world we chose a roasting factory in Switzerland which roasts coffee for cafes all over Europe and imports coffee beans from Brazil and Colombia.

It all starts with

A good cup of coffee could be all you need to start your day on the right foot. However, getting a state-of-the-art coffee machine that can help you enjoy the best quality coffee can cost a small fortune, even for a commercial establishment. Renting or even leasing a coffee machine is also a serious undertaking that can be quite prohibitive with regards to cost.

These are some of the problems we help our clients solve here at EspressMe.

Services Available Throughout Cyprus

We are a company that offers our services throughout Cyprus. In fact, we have a presence in Nicosia, Larnaca, Famagusta, Paphos and Limassol. Our services are simple and effective, and yet they could prove invaluable for your office and its coffee needs.

Free High Quality Coffee Machines

What we do is provide you with modern high quality coffee machines for free, and then you can buy coffee beans from us on a monthly basis. From there, you can enjoy your favorite coffee in the convenience of your office using a top quality machine that will not cost you a thing. For this reason, as far as coffee machines for office are concerned in Cyprus, we offer services that are over and beyond what similar businesses will give you. Our prices are even better than coffee machines rentals.

Basically, using our services will mean that you spend a fraction of the cost it would take to buy, rent, or even lease a coffee machine. Furthermore, the coffee beans we provide to our customers are of the best possible quality. Therefore, you will be enjoying your favorite coffee flavor at an unimaginably low price.

No More Delivery Delays and Inconveniences

We are even better than coffee delivery companies, which are often unreliable with their delivery times and coffee quality. Besides, with a coffee machine in your own office, you do not have to wait for the delivery to enjoy a beverage – you can whip up a cup whenever you feel like. So, with EspressMe, you get all the conveniences of owning a high quality coffee machine without going through all the hustles of buying the equipment necessary to make the coffee yourself.

One-Touch Coffee Makers

The high quality machines are provided for free within Cyprus and will make the process of preparing coffee easy and painless. EspressMe coffee machines will help you prepare your favorite cup of coffee with just a single touch. There will be no struggles or messes to deal with because our machines are bean to cup. We always provide bean to cup coffee machines with large dropping containers that deliver the best quality coffee to our clients. That is why we have become a choice coffee machines for office services provider in Cyprus locations like Nicosia, Larnaca, and Limassol. Our services are also highly popular in other places around Cyprus. EspressMe is the exclusive supplier and authorized service provider for Kalerm coffee machines. Kalerm has two boilers and the pressure is 19 bars (which is the same pressure as the manual coffee machines). Kalerm Pro is an exception to the rule because of the double boiler feature, which is not commonly found. We compared Freddo from a professional manual machine and from Kalerm and had them next to each other and couldn’t tell which was made by which machine.

So, with a quality bean to cup coffee machine you can get quite good espresso beverages.

You Get Your Coffee Fast

EspressMe coffee machines are also very fast, and you will not have to wait long before getting your best coffee beverage while at work. With easy controls that allow you to choose between flavors such as Cappuccino, Espresso and caffe latte, and Illy coffee among others. So, it does not matter what kind of coffee you would like to make in your office, our machines will produce the best cappuccino, espresso or latte.

Enjoy Premium EspressMe Coffee Blends

Getting your favorite cup of coffee in Cyprus has never been easier. We do all the hard work for you by getting a top-of-the-line machine for your office for free and then supplying with premium EspressMe coffee blends such as Roma and Verona so that you can focus on enjoying this beloved beverage.

Top Quality, Low Prices

Making an effort to get good quality coffee for your office is always justified, considering how much people love this beverage. However, the process does not have to be as daunting and as expensive as it typically is; and its all thanks to the services we offer. With our high quality coffee making machine in your office, and monthly deliveries of fresh coffee blends, you can enjoy top quality coffee in your office whenever you need it at the touch of a button.

Unsurpassed Convenience

We are fully aware that offices are busy environments, and getting a high quality cup of coffee with minimal effort is a welcome convenience. This is precisely the need we address by supplying our clients with all the supplies necessary to make a good quality cup of coffee at work with the least amount of effort.

Why Use EspressMe's Services?

EspressMe coffee making machines and the coffee beans are carefully chosen with a focus on ensuring the best possible quality and service. Our services are reliable and carefully designed to ensure you enjoy coffee breaks like never before. So, if you need a company that provides the best coffee machines for office in Cyprus, give us a call. We provide our services throughout Cyprus to businesses and offices. You will get a machine for free. A day in a Cyprus office is never complete without a coffee break that lets you enjoy a good cup of coffee. Typically, businesses have to go to a lot of lengths to enjoy this little pleasure. But when using our services, this is not the case since we get rid of all the challenges so that you can focus on enjoying world-class coffee at a price no other company can give you. Once you get one of our machines, all you have to do is make your monthly orders of your favorite coffee blends and you can enjoy a life full of the rich and invigorating flavor this amazing beverage offers its drinkers all around the world.

Get in Touch

So, give us a call today and lets discuss how your office can start enjoying premium coffee at a price similar companies cannot offer you. At EspressMe, we are always happy to hear from you, wherever you are in Cyprus. We can talk about how your business or office can start enjoying high quality coffee at a price you will definitely love.

Our Pricing Model Sets EspressMe on TOP of ALL Competition in Cyprus

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