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Caffe Cagliari

With over 100 years of history, Caffè Cagliari is a reliable company present in over 40 countries worldwide in the Food Services, Retail and Single Serving market segment.

Caffè Cagliari

2.000 Cafès

40 Countries in the world

80 Employees and sales agents

16,5 Million euros – turnover 2016

1’000 Tons of roasted coffee / year

150 Millions of served cups / year

8 Awards and certifications

1 Training center

1 Company museum

1 Franchising



We offer to worldwide clients the taste and experience of an authentic high quality Italian espresso.We believe in excellence and, through our cultural heritage and tradition, we always obtain the best possible coffee with ongoing research and innovation.



For over 100 years and through four generations, we cherish and pass on our experience and passion for coffee, creating the same age-old recipes still today.


We respect the highest standards of quality throughout all processing phases to guarantee superior quality coffee, receiving awards and certification for our entire production process.


We share a vast heritage of knowledge through our training centre and company museum open to professionals, clients and enthusiasts from Italy and worldwide.

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