Filter Coffee

100% Arabica blend, aromatic & smooth aftertaste

Our filter coffee blend is the gateway to satisfy coffee lovers which still insist in filter coffee.

In order to preserve the full aroma of the coffee, the coffee beans are grinded immediately after roasting. The ground coffee is immediately stored in an airtight container thus preserving the freshness and preventing oxidation.

Our filter blend derives from il-Presto and posses all the same characteristics.

It releases a rich fragrance when hot water hits the ground. The flavours released from this blend comes from its aroma and immediately reveals the coffee’s freshness and personality.

EspressMe filter coffee is a full bodied coffee blend and you realize that once it hits your tongue. It has a thick texture, with an aftertaste that lingers. Its delicate aromatic flavors are captured in its foamy cream for just a moment after it's brewed, savoured momentarily and then remembered till you hit the next one.

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